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Black Dog Barking Click for larger image

Black Dog Barking

Black Dog Barking Deluxe CD (Special Edition)

Black Dog Barking Deluxe CD (Special Edition)

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Black Dog Barking Deluxe CD (Special Edition)

CD 1:

1. Ready To Rock

2. Animalize

3. No One Fits Me (Better Than You)

4. Back In The Game

5. Firepower

6. Live It Up

7. Woman Like That

8. Hungry

9. Cradle To The Grave

10. Black Dog Barking

11. Jack Attack

12. You Got The Skills (To Pay The Bills)

13. Party In The Penthouse

CD 2:

1. Raise The Flag (Live At Wacken 2011)

2. Born To Kill (Live At Wacken 2011)

3. Diamond In The Rough (Live At Wacken 2011)

4. Chewin' The Fat (Live At Wacken 2011)

5. Blackjack (Live At Wacken 2011)

6. Bottom Of The Well (Live At Wacken 2011)

7. Girls In Black (Live At Wacken 2011)

8. No Way But The Hard Way (Live At Wacken 2011)

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