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Hydrograd Vinyl Click for larger image

Hydrograd Vinyl

Stone Sour
Hydrograd Coloured Vinyl

2LP coloured vinyl

Availability: Fuori catalogo

€ 32,99
2LP coloured vinyl

Side A:

01. YSIF

02. Taipei Person/Allah Tea

03. Knievel Has Landed

04. Hydrograd

Side B:

05. Song #3

06. Fabuless

07. The Witness Trees

08. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)

Side C:

09. Thanks God It's Over

10. St. Marie

11. Mercy

12. Whiplash Pants

Side D:

13. Friday Knights

14. Somebody Stole My Eyes

15. When The Fever Broke

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