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Dream Theater The Astonishing Vinyl Box Set Click for larger image

Dream Theater The Astonishing Vinyl Box Set

The Astonishing Vinyl Box Set

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Bundle Includes:

The Astonishing Vinyl 4LP Box   +0,00 €
The Gift Of Music   +0,00 €
The Astonishing   +0,00 €

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Das Astonishing Vinyl Bundle ist in einem 12x12" Hard-Cover verpackt und umfasst ein 4LP Set, je 180g Black Vinyl, die Paarweise in einem Gatefold eingefasst sind. Eine doppelseitige Karte (18x24") des Great Northern Empire of the Americas ist ebenfalls beigelegt. Dieses Bundle umfasst einen digitalen Album Download in HD Qualität (FLAC File)


Act 1

1. Descent Of The NOMACS

2. Dystopian Overture

3. The Gift Of Music

4. The Answer

5. A Better Life

6. Lord Nafaryus

7. A Savior In The Square

8. When Your Time Has Come

9. Act Of Faythe

10. Three Days

11. The Hovering Sojourn

12. Brother, Can You Hear Me?

13. A Life Left Behind

14. Ravenskill

15. Chosen

16. A Tempting Offer

17. Digital Discord

18. The X Aspect

19. A New Beginning

20. The Road To Revolution


1. 2285 Entr'acte

2. Moment Of Betrayal

3. Heaven's Cove

4. Begin Again

5. The Path That Divides

6. Machine Chatter

7. The Walking Shadow

8. My Last Farewell

9. Losing Faythe

10. Whispers On The Wind

11. Hymn Of A Thousand Voices

12. Our New World

13. Power Down

14. Astonishing

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